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March 20, 2017
IMEC Room Bin
March 20, 2017
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IMEC Recycle Bin


The 3R

Reduce – Cut down the waste you produce!

Reuse – Instead of throwing things away, find ways to use them again!

Recycle – Segregate your waste by categories (Aluminium, Paper, Plastic, Glass, etc) and bring it to the recycling center!

Why you should Incorporate Recycle Programme into your Facilities?

  • Reduce Pollutions
  • Save Energy
  • Reduce Harmful Co2 Emission
  • Save Cost
  • Save Natural Resources

Choose any bins from IMEC and transform it into your very own recycle bin

Model Product Code Each Bin Size (cm) Capacity Color
IMEC PE150R 303-7776 38(L) X 38(W) X 78.5(H) 3 x 50 L Blue, Orange, Brown
IMEC PP360R 303-7777 50.5(L) X 50.5(W) X 104(H) 3 x 120 L Blue, Orange, Brown
IMEC MGT240R 303-7333 57.5(L) X 72.5(W) X 92.5(H) 3 x 240 L Blue, Orange, Brown
IMEC UT26R 303-7826-3R 27 (L) X 37 (W) X 52 (H) 3 x 26 L Grey
IMEC ST30R 303-7883-3R 41.2 (L) x 39.4 (W) x 42.4 (H) cm 3 x 30 L Grey
IMEC ST45R 303-7884-3R 41.2 (L) x 39.4 (W) x 58.9 (H) cm 3 x 45 L Grey
IMEC ST68R 303-7886-3R 48 (L) x 41.6 (W) x 65.1 (H) cm 3 x 68 L Grey
IMEC ST88R 303-7888-3R 48 (L) x 41.6 (W) x 82.6 (H) cm 3 x 88 L Grey
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