SKS Sirius Hygiene System

Company Profile

SKS Sirius Hygiene System previously known as Syarikat Kimia Selatan, is the major supplier of complete range of Housekeeping Equipment and Cleaning Chemicals in the state of Negeri Sembilan for more than 30 years. It has been established since 1980 and has grown steadily with years, weathering depression on economic crisis, while all the times devising means to improve its existing service. Our company has 6 employees and we are well versed and trained in the building maintenance and cleaning services, presently, our EQ, IMEC, TASKI, JOHNSON DIVERSEY and SUPER Range of Cleaning Chemicals is certified with ISO9001 and also we have contract/supplying to Multinational Factories, Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Shopping Centre, Government Departments, Hospitals and Professional Cleaners. To enhance our customer relationship we have dedicated sales personnel and delivery cum technician to service and maintain any problems arising from their housekeeping equipment and machines, inclusive of making available our standby machines to replace in order to prevent any shutdown of cleaning activities. In terms of prices, our quotes are reasonable to each customer’s needs. It is not the company’s policy to under quote in order to get the contract and then hope to increase the price later, neither is it the company’s policy to provide a specification that will not or cannot be fulfilled from the very beginning. It is the policy of the company to provide its customers with services by quality of products used and the standard of processing and reliability of services which represent a clear value for your money. We stand on our integrity as a supplier company with very satisfied customers.